shallou Shares Stunningly Smooth New Indie Electronic Single “Vignette” Off Upcoming ‘Souls’ EP


With releases that blend both touching vocals and downright radiant production, shallou has become an easy favorite here at TSIS. His music blends everything we love about the electronic and indie genres, resulting in a bright signature captured in recent releases like “Find” with Kasbo, “Lie” and “You and Me.”  Today shallou is back once again with “Vignette,” an impressive release that features both his own production and, for one of the first times, his own vocals.

While still sounding fresh, “Vignette” mirrors so many of shallou’s releases in that it emanates serenity. From the first second of the track when a hollow, faraway vocal melody slips through the speaker, a tiny weight is lifted from your shoulders. Each featherlight layer of the song blends seamlessly into the next, from the vocals to the beat to the glowing synth chords. What results is really that of a vignette: a brief but powerful piece of music that takes us somewhere entirely different.

“Vignette” lands as track four off of shallou’s upcoming Souls EP, set for release on April 27.  After hearing this, we can’t wait to hear what the vibrant artist has in store. Check it out below and enjoy!

shallou – Vignette