Shanghai Doom & Xotix Form A Bass Army on New Song “Wook Flu”


Today we have the pleasure of introducing two new bass groups who’ve come together for a seriously wonky new tune. Shanghai Doom, a duo, and Xotix, a trio, have combined their forces to form an army of five different producers with different strengths and techniques. Last weekend they delivered a new single called “Wook Flu,” which dropped on the Insomniac-led bass label, Bassrush.

These five artists pack some insane energy into just two and a half minutes, with two mammoth drops filled with weaponized synths, growls, and an addictive vocal sample that simply laments: “too much acid.” This is a perfect example of a banger that would go off at a festival. Prepare your immune system before hitting play on “Wook Flu.”

You can check out “Wook Flu” below. Enjoy!

Shanghai Doom & Xotox – Wook Flu