Shawn Wasabi Shines On Whimsical, Long-Awaited Debut Album ‘MANGOTALE’

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For years now Shawn Wasabi has continued to dole out some of the most cute, fantastical music we’ve ever heard. With a laundry list of whimsical releases under his belt, today the seasoned producer has opened a new chapter in his career with the release of his anticipated debut album MANGOTALE.

Shawn has truly outdone himself with this latest offering. Continuing upon the soft, subdued and overwhelmingly catchy sound we’ve come to know and love, the multi-talented artist has now expanded upon the bright, buoyant vibe he created with standout singles “HOME RUN“, “ANIMAL CROSSING” & “LEMONS“.

From lovesick ballads to lighthearted bops and everything in between, MANGOTALE is a smattering of songs to make you as happy as can be. Stream the full project below and enjoy!

Shawn Wasabi – MANGOTALE