Sheldon Sabastian Isn’t Playing Games With His New Hip-Hop Single “Sandbox”

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With Hip-Hop becoming the world’s most listened to music genre, there’s bound to be a  somewhat formulaic trend that develops. They trick is breaking away from the popular formula, then true ability comes to form. Rapper, Sheldon Sabastian, and his new single, “Sandbox,” have joined the ranks of TSIS by breaking the mold with hard hitting cinematic beats and clever  but focused lyricism.

The aged, almost grainy quality of the opening piano and guitar sample sets you in a sepia-toned setting before the beat drops and snatches you right back to the present moment. The Brampton, Ontario rapper enters the ring with some formidable flow and a bite to his delivery, and fellow Canadian, THE 6TH LETTER, is ready in the wings with vocal support. Don’t get in the way of these two, just sit back and let em go to work.

One listen to this new joint and it’s no wonder Sheldon Sabastian already has almost 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His library has some serious fire power, but we’ll get to those as soon as we’re finished rinsing his newest single, “Sandbox.” Stream below. Enjoy!

Sheldon Sabastian – Sandbox (feat. THE 6TH LETTER)