PREMIERE | Shlump Unleashes Massive Dubstep Weapon “Drift Away” with Pure Powers

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Today we’re very pumped to unveil the latest from one of Santa Cruz, California’s finest bass producers. Shlump, who is releasing a new EP with one of our favorite bass labels, WAKAAN, has delivered the title track for us to share with you today, “Drift Away.”

This one is absolutely huge and is clearly meant to be blasted on a big ol’ festival sound system. The sound design and energy here are turned up to maximum levels, with head-spinning synths and crushing bass.

Shlump fans who heard him play this one out on tour may notice something different about this tune. Here’s what Shlump had to say about rewriting the drop:

After playing the tune out a bit, I came to the conclusion that something could be improved. During the pandemic, I decided to try and have some fun rewriting the drop. The lyrics feel like they create a tangible feeling that people can touch and relate with. After rewriting the drop to be heavier and reflect the descent of drifting away, the track finally felt complete and with the melodic hook, felt perfect for the title track to my upcoming EP.

You can get the exclusive first listen to “Drift Away” from Shlump and Pure Powers below. Enjoy!

Shlump – Drift Away (feat. Pure Powers)