ShockOne Serves Up Innovative Drum & Bass LP ‘Organism Algorithm’


ShockOne is doing things his own way in the world of drum and bass music. His new album, Organism Algorithmis a powerful showcase of just how unique his music is, and why it sets him apart from the rest of the dnb scene.

Addictively compressed arpeggios introduce the first track of the album, transforming into a blend of impactful rock moments and an unexpected, but welcomed drum and bass groove. ShockOne flexes his ability to create unique bass lines and surprising genre-fusing moments throughout. If you are getting tired of the same old dnb tracks, give this unconventional album a listen.

ShockOne commented on the meaning behind the album, sharing:

The whole idea of identity and the self comes into question if all our thoughts and actions can be reduced to algorithms. I’ve been obsessed with this idea for quite some time, particularly with the recent popularisation and widespread access to AI. I find it interesting that the more we learn about ourselves, the more blurred the lines become between intelligence and artificial intelligence, and how we define the two.

You can stream Organism Algorithm at the link below, out everywhere via Dark Machine Records.

ShockOne – Organism Algorithm