Sick Chill Dancey Electronic Song: Deadmau5 – Strobe (Club edit)


So I know a lot of you guys love Deadmau5, but there is also a good number of you who are saying, "What is a Deadmau5?". Well for those who don't know he is a DJ from canada, who is already one of the top DJ's in the world after only a couple years also. Deadmau5 got to co-headline the massive Ultra Dance Festival in Florida this year. Well most of his songs sound a lot more intense and bass filled, but I thought this more laid back chill track would do good for all those studying for finals as there's no words, and it's a little over 6 minutes. Although this is the club edit, it is still pretty chill in my book, yet does have a couple sick breaks. Just give it a full listen before you judge it, as Deadmau5 is very progression based. Well enjoy this real sick track!

Strobe – Deadmau5 (Club Edit)


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