Sick Chill Dubstep Mashup: Wiz Khalifa vs Mt. Eden Dubstep – ‘Say Dubstep’


So I come across an absurd amount of remixes, and frankly the majority of them these days are not needed. So I try to only post the best, and today I've got a mashup that really struck me. It's been on a couple playlists of mine for awhile now, so I thought it was only right that I post it finally. Well it's one of the more popular dubstep songs Sierra Lione done by My. Eden Dubstep mashed with Say Yeah by Wiz Khalifa. The tracks work very well together, so props to DJ E for doing this fine mashup. Not saying it's a very complex mashup, it just sounds pretty sick, enjoy!

Say Dubstep – Mt. Eden Dubstep vs Wiz Khalifa (DJ E Mashup) | Download