Sick Chill Quality Mixtape from B.o.B “May 25th” + New No DJ version of “F*ck The Money” ft. Asher Roth


B.o.B has easily become one of my new favorite artists in the past year. This is a mixtape that didn't get much exposure, and certainly deserves some mroe attention. Well I've included the Mixtape in .zip file, and a couple tracks that were highlights. This is the first mixtape I'm throwing up with DJ's talking on them, but for those of you who are new to mixtapes that's how some of these are free. Despite the DJ who can get annowing at times there's a couple real good tracks. But see right below for a bonus track produced by Kanye.

Download The Entire Mixtape In A .zip File Here

Bonus No DJ: My favorite track on the mixtape just got released without DJ's over it.  It features Asher Roth and just the right amount, it will definitely change some peoples minds if they can't stand the guy since you got sick of I Love College. And the beat is produced by the legendary producer Kanye West. I was excited that he was making beats with old style, but then found out it was just a reused beat. Regardless the track is great and i'm sure you'll enjoy!

F*ck The Money(Prod. by Kanye West) – B.o.B ft. Asher Roth | Download


Here are a few of the highlight tracks from the mixtape, it's got a real interesting sound, highly recommend giving each of these tracks a listen through as they all are pretty unique.

Champion – B.o.B | Download

02 – Champion Prod by BoB

The Rain – B.o.B | Download

09 – The Rain Prod by BoB

Gladiators – B.o.B | Download

04 – Gladiators Prod by Alchemist

Cool Side – B.o.B | Download

14 – Cool Side Prod by BoB

Don't Feel So Good – B.o.B. | Download

12 – Dont Feel So Good Prod by BoB

Surprise Me – B.o.B | Download

11 – Suprise Me Prod by Infinity