Sick Chill Rapper You Haven’t Heard!: 2 Real Sick Chill Songs

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So there are some rappers that are real sick, and a lot of people haven't heard of most of them. Today i'm showing the amazing rapper named Braille. I am featuring two tracks that are both so sick, it's a little hard to believe I haven't heard of the rapper for more than a couple months. This first track is real chill, and sooo sick so give it a full listen. I'm sure a lot of you are gonna be fans of Braille after this post, so keep posted for his full album coming out later this year, as these two tracks are just from the album Weapon Aid which is a compilation of tracks Braille made over the Summer of 2009 that didn't make the cut, and I really don't see why.

Resurrect Me – Braille | Download


Next up is another real sick chill song by Braille. This guy just makes some sick songs, nice production and sick rapping. 'Surgical' is another track off of  Weapon Aid proving how good this album is, despite the attention it is going to be getting. Be sure to purchase the entire album via iTunes.

Surgical – Braille | Download


Purchase All of Braille's Music via iTunes Here