Sick chill yet energetic remix of ‘I Need A Dolla’ – Aloe Blacc + Super Chill Original

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The original HBO show How To Make It In America was really a sick show, and the theme song was even sicker. It's a real chill song, and although the term gets overused these days, especially on this site haha, this song really is chill. But first up I've got a remix of the track, it has a huge house vibe to the track, and is a little dancey and energetic, but stays chill the whole time. Enjoy this sick remix by Pristine Blusters and DJ Muhler. Enjoy!

I Need a Dollar (Pristine Blusters & DJ Mulher 'Millionaire' Remix) – Aloe Blacc (Stream Only)


Next up is the theme song in it's original form extended edition.This track is so good, i'm sure a lot of you will enjoy it. The Chorus, vocal sampling, rapping, and instruments all go together so well.  Enjoy!

I Need a Dollar – Aloe Blacc | Download

05 I Need A Dollar

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