Sick Rap Group with Pop Influence: The Dean’s List – 3 Sick Songs (1 Brand New)


So genres aren't always the best way to describe music. As you may have realized I try to refrain from using too many genres and instead use words like chill, bangin, and sick. With new genres like dubstep becoming more popular, and hip-hop and house music continue to blend in american mainstream. Well where I'm going with this, is that I wish there was a new genre for the Chiddy Bang type of group. Because yes there is rapping, but it's ussually so poppy I'd hardly call it rap, and I wouldn't call it hip-hop either. Well I featured another artist in this catergory, Hoodie Allen posted here, who is very sick and is exploding on the online scene because of his different sound. Well I've got another group that is almost in this category, but I might call these guys a rap group after listening to the more. But there is defintely a pop influence. The groups name is The Deans List, and they are sick. They have a fair amount of tracks out, but today I'm here to bring you 3 of my favorites, including 1 that just dropped a few days ago.  Give each track a full listen as they have a pretty unique sound, enjoy this sick group!

I'll Be Okay – The Dean's List | Download


Ready To Go – The Dean's List | Download


NEW Sunset Thouhts (Shining Star Remix) – The Dean's List | Download


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