Sickest Mash-up in awhile: MIMs meets Mungo Jerry and more – ‘Summertime Hot’

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So I've been getting a huge amount of songs on the soundcloud dropbox, and keep them coming I've already posted a decent amount of them and have more to listen to still. Well this track was submitted with no description simply titled 'Summertime Hot' and with the artist called Johnny Bug. I couldn't find much about this character, but this track is soo sick. Give it a full listen through to really appreciate it. It starts with some Mungo Jerry then MIMS and then even some Damon Albarn. Regardless if you know the original tracks, you'll probably enjoy this crazy unique sounding mash-up that really combines the songs soooo well. Well enjoy guys!

Summertime Hot – Johnny Bug (MIMS vs Mungo Jerry vs Damon Albarn)

Summertime hot

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