Emerging Artist Sid The Void Displays Deft Talent on Latest Indietronica Single “Negative”


If you’ve never heard of Sid The Void before now, we wouldn’t blame you. He’s only released four songs thus far, all of which have been this year. His newest single “Negative” showcases exactly why we think he’s going to be the next big thing.

Despite its name, “Negative” is Sid The Void’s most upbeat song yet. The track’s backbone is the synth line, treated with an effect that sounds like something from the golden days of indie music circa the early 2010s. The real treat of the song, however, is Sid The Void’s rich voice. Even though he’s early in his music career, his voice has the depth and maturity of a far more experienced artist. His vocals add the perfect top layer to the song’s instrumentation, cutting through the drums and blending in with the reverb-heavy bass on the bridge.

We told you earlier: Sid The Void is definitely one artist to put on your radar. Check out “Negative” using the link below and listen for yourself. Enjoy!

Sid The Void – Negative