Sidi Drops “Lemon Haze” with John the Asian, A Sultry 4/20 Anthem


Just in time for the holiday, we’ve got a feel-good blazing bop from singer Sidi and featuring John the Asian. “Lemon Haze” is out today, and it’s your new 4/20 anthem. It’s a dreamy and airy love song that the musician penned to marijuana, a message we can all get behind. This is the first single off the songstress(who is giving us major Kiiara and Terror Jr vibes)’s upcoming debut album …my family is on mars

“Lemon Haze” is a sultry lo-fi single that is a perfect soundtrack for getting high, as she delicately sings praises to the plant. Sidi’s breathless croon puts you in a sort of trance and whisks you through the breezy daydream, and John the Asian’s verse adds a little grit and gangster to it. This song is everything we didn’t know we needed for this special stoney day. 

Get your lighters ready and your speakers turned up so you can bump this one. Listen below. Enjoy!

Sidi – Lemon Haze (feat. John The Asian)