Sim Fane Flaunts His Whimsical Production Style on ‘best kept secret’ EP


If you like your electronic music with a dash of hyper pop and a touch of eccentricity, the new EP from Sim Fane is for you. Since doing some behind-the-scenes work for stars like Drake and DJ Khaled, the Dutch producer is back with best kept secret, his second EP as a solo artist.

Over the course of this EP, Sim Fane explores the experience of falling in love. From the nervous energy of the jumpy kick drum on the title track to the excitement captured in the fluttering harps of “sunlight,” best kept secret effortlessly takes listeners on an emotional journey. Through it all, Fane’s production stays finely honed as he infuses fun textures and poppy synth breaks into his personal brand of dance music. Featured artists, including samba band Samba Familia and MEYY, also help give Fane’s work a global flavor.

You can listen to best kept secret, out now via Nine And A Half, below. Enjoy!

Sim Fane – best kept secret EP