SKisM Shares Preview Of Never Say Die Vol. 5 With Monstrous Hour Long Mix

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As the mix advises in the very beginning, you may want to “sit down and buckle up, ‘cause you’re in for a beefy treat.” Very few record labels put out heavier tunes than SKisM’s Never Say Die. Their most recent compilation, Never Say Die Vol. 5, is absolutely no exception. With Vol. 5 due out on the imprint on December 11th, SKisM has weaved together an hour-long mix of straight violent bangers from the compilation to tease us with. 

The forthcoming collection features a lineup of heavy bass all-stars such as Zomboy, Eptic, MUST DIE!, Trampa, Space Laces, Megaladon, Spag Heddy, and many more, including the boss himself, SKisM. 

The blending of tracks in this mix is relentless, as SKisM packs in a total of 69 tracks in just 60 minutes. Of those 69 tracks, a whopping 41 of them are unreleased. If you’re a true bass head, this mix will definitely test your knowledge. See if you can pick out who’s who in this hour of pure, filthy madness. Enjoy!

Skism – Never Say Die Vol. 5