Skream & Benga Play First B2B Set in Ten Years at fabric London

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The old-school b2b sets of Skream and Benga are the stuff of legends. Both UK producers played their own parts in the pioneering the earliest days of dubstep and always managed to destroy speakers when they came together.

This past weekend they did the unthinkable, playing their first set together in ten years at the iconic fabric London. Some clips have begun to surface of the iconic performance, highlighting some proper dubstep being played to a raucous London crowd.

We’re seeing more and more producers return from long hiatuses as well as modern dubstep and bass producers paying homage to the “Golden Era” during their own sets. Hopefully, this is the start of something special and possibly even a reunion tour from the dubstep pioneers. Check out some clips of the set below. Enjoy!

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