Watch Skrillex’s Jaw-Dropping Full Set from New York City

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When Skrillex took the stage at Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner last week, many of us expected him to go off. It was his first solo show in New York City since 2017, and a triumphant return was surely on the itinerary. Somehow, someway, Skrillex still blew the roof off of everyone’s expectations.

Last week we were able to compile a list of clips of the event from social media, but today we’ve discovered that BMR vlogs on YouTube has uploaded the entire set in high definition. Although the camera may be wobbly during the video, we’re able to get a view (and listen) to the set from start to finish.

For 75 straight minutes, Skrillex tore apart Brooklyn. This is the highest energy set we’ve seen from him in years.

You can check out the full recorded set of Skrillex’s performance below. Enjoy!

Skrillex live @ Avant Gardner, Brooklyn 2021