Skrillex Brings Dubstep & Hip-Hop Together Once Again With Exciting New Preview

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It seems we can't go a week without hearing something else Skrillex has been working on. We've seen recent collaborations including "No Chill" with Vic Mensa, "El Chapo" with The Game on his album and even the recent Zhu collaboration "Working For It" that we teased this week.
We now get news of him working with another new rapper, but this time someone a little more under the radar "PNC", a rising New Zealand rapper. Although the collaboration seems far from finished, we a get a very rare studio video of Skrillex in his natural habitat. 
While it's in the early stages of production, what's interesting is that instead of the more trap styled influence we've heard from him recently he seems to be going back to his dubstep roots and keeping things very HARD. Does he have some more filthy bass heaters up his sleeve? Watch the video below and we will keep you updated as news rolls in. enjoy!

BTS Skrillex studio session

Quick clip from a recording session I did with Skrillex. This dude worked at a crazy pace. Such a dope experience.

Posted by PNC on Sunday, October 18, 2015