Skrillex Drops Heavy, Worldly New Hybrid Single “Xena”

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Make it an even five singles that Skrillex has now released in 2023. Today, the super-producer put forth “Xena,” perhaps his most ambitious release of the set so far. Aided by the captivating vocals of Palestinian singer Nai Barghouti, Skrillex summons an amalgamation of energy on this track by using wild percussion that see-saws from bass to techno.

If you’re not up to speed yet on Skrillex’s album(s) rollout, he previously released “Rumble,” “Way Back,” “Leave Me Like This,” and “Real Spring.” All of the singles so far have been in collaboration with another artist. At the beginning of the year, he promised his next project, known only as QFF/DGTC, would be released in 2023.

You can stream the newest Skrillex single, “Xena,” below. Enjoy!

Skrillex – Xena (feat. Nai Barghouti)