Skrillex – Equinox: Sick NEW Dubstep/Bass Song


Skrillex, who has really become one of the hottest names in the electronic music scene through his unique sounding high energy remixes and originals his been releasing this past year. His epic remixes of Cinema, Hey Sexy Lady, and In For The Kill are some of my favorites, and now we finally get our hands on a new Skrillex track. This is rumored to either by an orignal called 'Equinox', or a remix to the song 'Equinox' released under his solo name Sonny Moore. Either way this track has the Skrillex style you've grown to love, filled with bass drops and vocal sampling. He really blends so many genres, I guess you could just call his genre Skrillex music? haha. Turn up the bass for this new track, that sounds like it's missing a little bit. Enjoy!

Equinox – Skrillex | Purchase Link TBA


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