Skrillex, Fred Again, Four Tet Tease Run of Shows in NYC Next Week

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Skrillex, Fred Again, and Four Tet appear to be prepping for a run of up to five shows in New York City next week.

Fred Again initially teased the run of shows shortly after their back-to-back sets in London last month. He posted on his Discord server, “02.15-19 PHM NYC.” PHM is short for Pangbourne House Mafia—the three artists stayed together in a house in Pangbourne, England, when they were working together last year. The numbers clearly allude to the dates of the shows, February 15-19, which is next week.

On Tuesday, Four Tet posted a photo to his Instagram story with the three of them together in person (also he used the song “Party In The USA” in the post). Further posts from Four Tet on Wednesday showed them walking around Manhattan, working on something together in an apartment, and reminiscing about the last string of shows. With the supposed dates only a week out and the trio back together, it’s looking like another string of shows, this time stateside, is very likely.

Another note: Terminal 5, a venue where Fred Again most recently played in New York, has nothing booked during those five days.

The last time this trio got together for impromptu shows, they didn’t announce them until the day of.