Skrillex ft. The Doors – Breakn’ A Sweat (Zedd Remix) : Must Hear Electro House Remix


So most of you have heard about the epic Re: Generation project that's been the in works for the past few months. It connected some of the nation's biggest upcoming talent with some of the nation's greatest iconic musicians. The Skrillex and remaining members of The Doors collaboarion 'Breakn' A Sweat' turned some heads, and became an instant favorite amongst a lot of you. Well now we get electro beast Zedd's new remix of the track that kicks it up a few notches. It was already pretty epic, but now keeps the same essence, but suited for the club. Check out this new version, turn it up, enjoy!

Skrillex ft. The Doors – Breakn' A Sweat (Zedd Remix) | Direct Download

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