Watch Skrillex’s Epic Extra Heavy Last Set Of 2017


Skrillex may have found out one of the most epic ways to close 2017: multiple sold out shows halfway around the world in Kyoto, Japan, alongside the ever growing party throwers Brownies & Lemonade. Skrillex brought fellow forward thinking artists Point Point and CRAY who got the party started, but the crowd went absolutely wild once Skrillex took the stage. We’d be going insane too, considering he’s only played a handful of DJ sets this year. 

Skrillex was racing through his arsenal of wonky, spazzed out dubstep and trap heaters. We counted a total of seven different tracks/edits just within the first two minutes. There was no time to even think about resting, this set was full-on, pedal to the floor madness. He didn’t drop any unreleased music, but the set is so wild that it’s definitely worth a listen.  

If you’re trying to avoid the fomo, then you’re in luck. Brownies & Lemonade were streaming nearly the entire set via Instagram. The original video no longer exists, but luckily someone has uploaded a rip of the video along with the audio as well. Skrillex is working on an album according to Diplo so stay tuned for new music hopefully soon. Enjoy!

Skrillex Live At Kyoto 2017