Watch Skrillex Drop Possible Missy Elliott Collab At FORM Arcosanti

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Whenever Skrillex throws down, he does so in incredible fashion – as was the case with his performance at this years FORM Arcosanti. But because Skrill’s now somewhat rare sets (and presence in general) are so overwhelming, we almost missed what might shape up to be 2018’s hottest track – as it seems that Skrillex may have a collab with Missy Elliott in the works.

Featuring the lyrics “It’s Missy E and DJ Skrillex” as well as the iconic “this the kinda beat that go ra-ta-ta” obviously referencing Missy’s song “Work It”, it seems pretty likely that Missy is in fact featured on the new ID. Although Skrillex only plays the track for about 75 seconds, we’re not only possibly hearing Missy vocals, but also some Wiwek jungle terror sound design as well. While we still remain skeptical, we’re hoping more info will come out surrounding this could-be collab in the near future. For now check out the ID below and enjoy!

Skrillex x Missy Elliott – ID