Someone Turned Skrillex’s Album ‘Recess’ into a Video Game

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Yes, you heard that correctly. Someone turned Skrillex‘s legendary 2014 album, Recess, into a video game, and you can play it—for free. With playful 8-bit renditions of the songs and a space/alien-inspired theme throughout, you can enter the world of Recess in this lighthearted take on the classic Space Invaders game.

The game maker enthusiastically posted their new triumphant accomplishment on the r/dubstep thread of Reddit, which you can check out below. Be sure to follow the link here to play Recess – Alien Ride for yourself. According to the creator, it works best on mobile. Enjoy!

I MADE A SKRILLEX GAMEBOY GAME BASED ON RECESS. u can play it for free on mobile.
by u/adicted2gravity in dubstep