Skrillex Soars To New Heights With Iconic Red Rocks 5-Hour Set

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Skrillex has set a new bar for DJs everywhere after an iconic Red Rocks performance over the weekend. Just one week after subbing in to headline Coachella with his pals, Fred again.. and Four Tet, he took over the legendary venue with an impromptu 5-hour set.

Leading up to the show, much of the conversation revolved around what type of set Sonny would be playing. Was he going to have everything planned out? Would there be breaks? Would he bring anyone out on stage with him? The short answer, no. In his own words, “What if I just did the whole set by myself…I have no idea how I’m gonna pull this off.

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While crowds of fans were still making their way into the venue, Skrillex decided to begin the set by playing in the middle sound stage area, mimicking the feeling of a Boiler Room set. Shortly after, he made his way to the mainstage where he remained for the duration of the night. There was no giant LED screen, like nearly every other headlining EDM show, just traditional lighting, lasers, and interactive crowd bracelets.

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Make no mistake about it, 5 hours is a long time (and yes, he didn’t even stop once to use the bathroom!). But what amazed me was how much the crowd felt prepared for the night and how fast it all flew by. There were no expectations other than accepting what he had in store for us which included a predominantly original set filled with old school classics, new cuts and unreleased IDs.

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There was an energy unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, something that felt special. Sonny knew it and the crowd could sense it. This wasn’t just another Skrillex headlining show, this was a top tier artist and DJ playing a raw, unplanned set that came straight from the soul.

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It was so obvious that he was just up there having fun and it resonated with the crowd unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. This will undoubtedly go down as one of the most iconic and memorable Red Rocks performances of all time.

Skrillex has also just released the official music video for “Rumble” which you can watch below. Enjoy!

Skrillex & Fred again.. – Rumble (Music Video)