Skrillex Releases 60+ Minute Techno Set From Burning Man’s Robot Heart Camp


One of the coolest things about Burning Man is it's openness. The festival has become a center point for freedom of expression. Artists from all over the world have played on its unique art stages and shown a new side to their musical repertoire. Skrillex has just shared his Burning Man set from Robot Heart camp and is a prime example of this.

While Skrillex is mainly known for his bass music — "Purple Lamborghini" and "Waiting" in most recent months — he dives into a 60+ minute techno set for Burning Man where he weaves through house beats and ambient sequences.

"This was a really special set because we had all of our friends with us. I brought a lot of first time burners out to the Playa this year. The whole Robot Heart crew took care of us all, and we got to see a lot of the art while I played. This year I collaborated with the team behind Embrace on the Space Whale project.

Hope you enjoy the mix, I mess up a few times but it doesn't really matter because the vibe was so awesome and so real." — Skrillex

Check out his set below and enjoy!

Skrillex – Sunset Art Tour – Robot Heart – Burning Man 2016 | Stream