Skrillex Shares New Music Video for “Ceremony” with Yung Lean & Bladee

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Skrillex has shared a new music video for his song “Ceremony” with Yung Lean and Bladee. The song appeared on the second of the two albums he dropped last week, Don’t Get Too Close, which accompanied Quest For Fire. The music video was shot in Thailand last month, where Skrillex mentioned he had “one of the best times” of his life.

So far, the only music videos that have come from Skrillex’s two albums have been this one and “Real Spring,” also with Bladee. Skrillex also worked with Yung Lean and Bladee last year when he appeared on Yung Lean’s album, Stardust. It’s clear that Skrillex has developed a productive relationship with both Swedish artists, and we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more to come in the future.

You can check out the “Ceremony” video below. Enjoy!

Skrillex – Ceremony (feat. Yung Lean & Bladee)