Skrillex Surprise Releases New Song “Don’t Get Too Close” with Bibi Bourelly

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Skrillex has spontaneously dropped a new song titled “Don’t Get Too Close.” The track features vocals from singer Bibi Bourelly and Skrillex himself (as Sonny Moore).

“Don’t Get Too Close” is likely to be the title of his second album that’s slated to release this year. At the beginning of 2023, Skrillex announced two projects, only known at the time as QFF/DGTC. With the announcement of Quest For Fire over the weekend (which will drop on February 17), Skrillex may now shift his focus to his second album.

Way Back,” “Real Spring,” and “Don’t Get Too Close,” which all share the same cover art, look like the singles which will be a part of Don’t Get Too Close. These songs are more on the melodic/pop side, while Quest For Fire features more dancefloor-ready tracks.

You can listen to the new Skrillex single, “Don’t Get Too Close,” below. Enjoy!

Skrillex – Don’t Get Too Close (feat. Bibi Bourelly)