Youtuber Creates Inspiring Video Highlighting Skrillex’s Top 10 Rules To Success


If there were ever an artist who epitomizes success in the world of electronic music, it’s Sonny Moore aka Skrillex. In less than a decade, he has started a successful record label, broken the world record for most Grammys from an electronic music artist, and played countless sold-out shows and headlining festival gigs. Entrepreneur, author, and YouTuber Evan Carmichael has done us the favor of handpicking Skrillex’s top ten rules for success from a variety of sources.

"Make music for the 16-year-old inside yourself even when you’re 50 years old. F*** the craft. Everyone can learn how to do this s***…Cultivate your own thing. Stick together and just do that. Have some fun, make some music. If it’s fun – that’s all that matters." –Skrillex

"Part of what we look for in an artist is not really someone that makes great music, but it’s someone that has that energy, that devotion to what they’re doing, and that’s a big thing, man. That’s what I look for in the artists that I sign – are people that are really talented and people that have that energy like ‘I’m just gonna do it.’" – Skrillex

As with other videos in his Top Ten series, Carmichael has put together a collection of interviews and motivational speeches from Skrillex. He points out themes in different quotes and has compiled them into a comprehensive list detailing what success means to Skrillex. These give insight into Sonny Moore’s world and share some words of wisdom for aspiring producers and budding professionals alike. Check out the list and full video below and enjoy! 


Skrillex’s Top Ten Rules For Success:

1.     Cultivate your own thing

2.     Express energy

3.     Don’t be afraid to fail

4.     Push the boundaries

5.     Take a leap

6.     Ignore haters

7.     Be focused

8.     Be an enabler

9.     Work hard

10.  Have fun with your mistakes


·      Be motivated by success

·      Pay attention to feedback

·      Do what makes you happy

Skrillex's latest tour video: 

Source: Evan Carmichael / /r/skrillex Subreddit