Skrillex Teases Something Coming With Mysterious Website Update


Could it be a new album? Could it a be a tour announcement? Possibly something else? Whatever it is, Skrillex is up to something. Today, one of electronic music’s most revered artists has gone dark on his own official website. The site’s landing page displays only a bright purple background and his unmistakable logo. There’s nothing to click on once you get there though, so whatever Skrill is up to will remain a mystery for now. 

Of course, there are some fans and internet sleuths who are already trying to figure out the meaning of the website change. A couple of users from r/Skrillex on Reddit have tried to digging into the site files, and in this thread, suggest that there could be new merchandise coming, or perhaps tickets for a tour. As of now, nobody knows for sure, but we’re going to be observing Skrillex’s next moves closely, so stay tuned. Many people have been teasing info about his album all year so we’re hoping that’s coming sooner rather than later.

Check out Skrillex’s website right here.