Dreamy Artist Skysia Presents New Serene Single “Faraway”


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from transcendent artist Skysia, but today he’s back with his latest mix “Faraway” through High Vibe Records. The artist currently lives in a remodeled mini school bus and travels the country while producing music from his mobile studio. His music is reflective of time spent in peaceful solitude, and “Faraway” is no exception.

The self-taught producer and composer has a signature serene style that inspires introspection and peace within its listeners. This track is no different, beginning with delicate synths and piano chords that lead into low-tempo beats and distinct sounds reminiscent of ASMR. On the release of “Faraway”, Skysia mentioned how his personal growth influenced its creation and that this track “is a reflection of that journey.”

The release of this single arrives just a few weeks before Skysia’s next performance at June Jam Festival in Arizona. If you’re unable to make it out there, you can still enjoy the good vibes and listen to the song at the link below. Enjoy!

Skysia – Faraway