Skysia & illoh Join Forces On Organic Bass Single “Fragments”


With a sound characterized by natural inspiration and experimental production, Skysia deeply connects with his surroundings when crafting new music. Calling a converted school bus his home, the rising artist finds inspiration just outside his window, utilizing the biggest resource he has- nature. On his newest single, “Fragments,” he teams up with free form bass producer, illoh.

Playing with granular synthesis and utilizing an array of ear-candy, the two artists create a producers’ paradise within “Fragments.” The track boasts a unique structure, with more traditional “drop” sections, in addition to melodic-heavy moments featuring stylish vocal samples and piano chords. Skysia and illoh mesh their styles together with ease, for what Skysia says might be his “smoothest/easiest collaboration experience yet.” 

Skysia shared the deeper meaning behind “Fragments,” commenting:

Floating through realities. Fragmented spaces and alternate timelines. We find ourselves lost within a forest. Distant voices pull us toward the void. As the mist clears, we see reality is crumbling. Pieces fall apart only to come together again as something new emerges from the fragments.

You can stream “Fragments” at the link below. Enjoy!

Skysia & illoh – Fragments