Slander Release Uplifting Future Bass Single “Superhuman” Ft. Eric Leva


Slander recently dropped their highly-anticipated, summer-ready future bass single “Superhuman” featuring Eric Leva. This marks a continuation of their current chill, melodic direction we heard on their remix of Halsey’s “Now or Never” earlier this month. The day after that track was shared, Slander hinted at the official release of “Superhuman” with Morse code on their Facebook page.

Deep piano chords back Eric Leva’s entrancing vocals on this mighty love ballad. Slander make use of colorful synths for the breakdown’s playful melody, with punchy drum fills in between. Skittering hi-hats and vocal samples continue as Leva repeats the powerful chorus. This fan-favorite from Slander’s live sets is available now via Monstercat. Enjoy! 

Slander – Superhuman (Ft. Eric Leva)