Slowe Serves Up Retro Slow-Jam “Superego”


If you haven’t yet heard of rising producer/artist, Slowe, this might just be your perfect introduction. The soul, jazz, and hip-hop inspired artist so gracefully creates a unique sound that brings both her production and writing talents to the forefront. Releasing her second-ever solo single, “Superego,” today, Slowe appears to have a bright future ahead of her.

We challenge you not to start head-bobbing the first few seconds of this track. Hint- it’s impossible. Between the sparkly piano chords and airy harmonies, Slowe forges a retro wonderland on “Superego.” Her own vocals grace the track with eloquent finesse, exploring deep themes of self-doubt, and leaving the listener to ponder as the song progresses.

Slowe explained the origins of “Superego,” commenting:

A quote I found said ‘superego is the part of a person’s mind or personality, that tells them how to behave based on learned morals and values.’ The superego keeps your ego in check.

You can stream “Superego” at the link below, out everywhere via Tru Thoughts. Enjoy!

Slowe – Superego