Snails & Kompany Team Up On Heavy New Dubstep Monstrosity “System Overload” Ft. Virus Syndicate

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After a massive 2019, it seems Snails still isn’t finished… Having already doled out a barrage of incredible collabs over the duration of the year, today the vomitstep pioneer has teamed up with Kompany & Virus Syndicate on a wild new release “System Overload“.

Leave it to these three to dish out some serious ear destruction. Although it can be hard in bass-music collabs (and any other genre for that matter) to find an equilibrium between producers’ unique sounds, we’re very pleased to hear both Snails & Kompany shine through beautifully with this latest offering.

Featuring a masterful mix of deep, guttural growls, shrill, metallic synth wobbles, explosive percussion and gritty, distorted bass all rounded out by Virus Syndicate’s unmistakable vocals – you might want to consider throwing on a neckbrace before hitting play. Check out “System Overload” below and enjoy!

SNAILS & Kompany – System Overload (feat. Virus Syndicate)