Snails & SVDDEN DEATH Join Forces On Massive, Face-Melting New Banger “DEATHMATCH”

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It’s always something special to witness two larger-than-life producers converge to create something incredible – and even more so when they’re as massive as SVDDEN DEATH & Snails. Surely locked away in quarantine at the moment cooking up some absolute sonic destruction, today the two have surfaced to share a ridiculously heavy new collab “DEATHMATCH“.

Although we couldn’t have guessed what the collision of SVDDEN DEATH x Snails would sound like, we’re truly blown away by the end result. Featuring a mash of each bass-bringer’s unique production styles, this latest offering delivers a sucker-punch worth of grotesque, guttural growls, deep, mechanical wobbles, distorted guitar riffs and seriously explosive bass.

You might want to consider dusting off your neckbrace before hitting play, because this one will have your brain doing backflips. Stream “DEATHMATCH” below and enjoy!