Watch Snails’ New 22 Minute Epic Tour Documentary About ‘The Shell’


When it comes to relentless, in-your-face bass music, vomitstep powerhouse SNAILS, real name Frédérik Durand, has become one of our favorites in the game over the past few years. Fresh off the 2017 release of his debut album The Shell and a massive tour in support of the project, 2018 should be another huge year for the artist and his ridiculously heavy sound. 

Today SNAILS is back with something a little different: a 22-minute mini-documentary that dives deep into The Shell Tour. From artist cameos to taco parties to insane, wall-to-wall packed shows, the short film is guaranteed to keep you captivated from start to finish with both the content and the eye-catching cinematography.

Although SNAILS’ music seems to not take itself too seriously, we see a different side to the artist in the video. From the meticulous planning of the Shell Tour, including the jawdropping stage and the three-act storyline designed by Durand, to the artist’s early days getting his start in Montreal, the mini-documentary gives fans a much closer view into SNAILS than ever before. And although you might not guess it at first, it may even get you in your feels as it follows the conclusion of the tour. 

The documentary also gives a small glimpse into SNAILS’ first ever Sluggtopia, a one-day festival at Red Rocks curated by the artist himself.  The sold-out event was no doubt one of the craziest the venue has ever seen, and we’re stoked to pair up with SNAILS once again to put on Sluggtopia II on October 5 of this year. If this documentary has you dying for more vomitstep as much as us, you can find tickets to Sluggtopia II here. Keep an eye out for the full lineup announcement and check out The Shell Tour Documentary below. Enjoy!

SNAILS – The Shell Tour Documentary