Snails Launches Epic Original Comic Book “THE SLUGGERNAUT”


Since the beginning, the artwork and visuals have been a huge part of the Snails brand, going hand in hand with the music and telling the story behind the music. Now he’s launching a new chapter in the Snails story launching his “THE SLUGGERNAUT” comic book that’s looking epic as he's one of the first electronic artists to do something like this.

Head to the website here to check out a preview of the first 10 pages from the first edition to get a glimpse into the world Snails has created. The illustrations look like Marvel level comic book quality and bring his vision and story to life. Snails has created his own universe with various aspects including Frogz, King Slugz, Sluggtopia and The Shell that have been part of a bigger vision that is now being fully explained through this new comic book series called THE SLUGGERNAUT. This next level new comic series allows fans to enter the weird world of Snails like never before and we can't wait to see the full thing.

Check out the first 10 pages and pre-order vol. 1 of the comic book here. Stay tuned for more volumes of this new series and enjoy!

snails sluggernaut