Snakehips Team Up With Jeremih & Amine On Infectious New Single “For The F^_^k Of It” : Hip-Hop / R&B


Snakehips have a new 6-track Stay Home EP on the way and have just linked up with Jeremih and Amine for a fire new single “For The F^_^k Of It.” This new collaboration comes with a video that serves as part two of a 3-part video making up a mini movie. 

The EP is a bunch of tunes that we made after a crazy few years of touring and travelling the world. We called it Stay Home as a kinda jokey way to express all the mad stuff you experience and the bizarre characters you meet along the way, and throughout that trying to stay true to yourself. The video goes with this idea too. It’s a crazy narrative that we cooked up with director Can Evgin based on an Asian woman’s journey through some incredibly trippy shit! – Snakehips

Snakehips have brought out the best in vocalists in the past and no doubt flex this skill of theirs on this new one. Jeremih is as catchy as ever and Amine shows off his hybrid style of singing and rapping on the hip-hop inspired R&B tune. Snakehips have decided to bring more old-school hip-hop influence on this project and it’s a natural fit for the talented duo. This is sounding like a hit that we’ll be hearing plenty this summer, and we’re okay with that. Enjoy!

Snakehips – For The F^_^k Of It (Ft. Jeremih & Amine)