SNBRN Drops Uplifting & Inspiring, Sophomore Album ‘The Old Days’

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SNBRN encompasses elements of the energetic and vibrational city nightlife within his music as he blends together house, electronic and techno styles. The LA-based producer has quickly climbed the ranks and has undoubtedly become a house music heavyweight by now. This weekend, he’s ready to make some more noise by dropping his sophomore album, The Old Days, out now via Ultra Records.

Coming in at a whopping 19-tracks, The Old Days is an accumulation of over two years of story-telling and emotions. There’s an aura of vulnerability, as he touches on the all too common thoughts we have of better times past, old relationships, and lost loved ones. From the pop/crossover vibes in “When We’re Awake” with Discrete and Tudor to the bumping, vintage house in “I Don’t Think U Do” with FREAK ON, The Old Days has continued to showcase SNBRN’s impressive versatility and growth throughout the last few years.

Here’s what SNRBN had to say about the message behind the project:

“The ‘Old Days’ plays into those thoughts we have of a better time, an old relationship, lost loved ones and just dwelling on the past. I had to remind myself to keep going and create the next chapter of my life. The story is never over. I hope there’s a little something for everyone in this album and that it can help others as much as it’s helped myself.”

Stream the full album below and enjoy!

SNBRN – The Old Days