snny Traverses Genres & Borders With Groovy New Single “Postmodern Black”


It’s almost a superpower to be able to trust your instincts, and I wanted to render that notion with melody and instruments.” –snny

Now based in Iceland by way of Ivory Coast and then Boston, singer-songwriter snny‘s globe-spanning background is something that allows his music to be as diverse as his upbringing. His melding of bright pop, r&b, electronic, and hip hop stlyles has gained him acclaim ever since the release of his debut single, 2017’s “Young Boy.” And after releasing an acclaimed EP back in May, he’s back with a new single in “Postmodern Black” that features all of those influences.

Representing the first single from an upcoming album (which will be the first release under his new label Radio Silence), the track is one that is about manifesting your own self-reliance. It’s a call for people of all ages and backgrounds to embrace their independence and also empower them to work towards a more common good. Marked by a brooding, dense bass line rife with synth notes, snny also incorporates some of his signature soul into the mix in the form of bright, sunny vocals and funky guitar licks which comprise both the melodies and the back line.

With his streaming numbers already approaching 8 figures in total, “Postmodern Black” should definitely be able to serve as that rallying point for both new and old fans alike. Check out a link to the track below. Enjoy!

snny – Postmodern Black