SOHMI Explores A New Side Of Dance With New EP, ‘Recital’

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As the fastest-growing genre in the world, it can be difficult to stand out in the dance music space. Forward-thinking and authentic expression of sound are practically required to gain traction—both of which up-and-comer, SOHMI, have in spades as she releases her latest EP, Recital.

These tracks glisten as much as they invigorate. The artistry and attention to detail reflects an understanding and outlook honed in space separate from the dance floor, a space of more refined origins. This space is revealed as she shares:

“Each of the tracks on the EP sound quite different from each other. They are different pieces of, I’d say electronic dance-leaning music, but they’re not what you would maybe hear in the club per se at the moment. The music is all informed by club culture and whatnot but it’s a little bit different than the standard club music. I wanted to show my range and show people that my background comes from a different place than club music.”

The inclusive roots of dance music make it all the more fitting that we see its prosperity and growth advanced by an artist whose musical DNA is so heavily tied to such a separate sector of music. Stream SOHMI’s new EP, Recital, below. Enjoy!

SOMHI – Recital

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