Soulection Celebrates 10 Years With 500th Episode & Joe Kay x Zane Lowe Interview

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“Future beats, eclectic soul, forgotten gems, and timeless sounds. All brought to you by Joe Kay.”

If this intro sounds familiar, you may have come across the unmistakable vibes of the legendary digital radio stream, Soulection Radio. What started as an independent college radio show a decade ago has evolved into a one stop shop independent music label, world-touring concert, clothing line, festival, and global community all built upon the foundations of sharing borderless, genre-bending new music.

Driven by the responsibility of curating “the sound of tomorrow,” Soulection co-founder, Joe Kay, has been unfaltering in his delivery of the now internationally followed weekly radio stream—a delivery that has just culminated in the show’s 500th episode. The show’s reputation for sharing indescribable soul, boundary pushing beats, and some of music’s most forward thinking artists has carved a singularly occupied niche with a fiercely loyal following that has propelled millions of Soundcloud streams and reaches millions of listeners on Apple Radio 1.

To recognize and celebrate 10 years and 500 episodes, Joe Kay sat down with iconic producer and Apple Music host, Zane Lowe, for a reflective interview on a decade of exclusive unreleased cuts and finely curated music discovery. They discuss the collective’s uncanny ability to see the spark in gifted artists far before others do, highlighted by artists like Anderson .Paak, Kaytranada, Mac Miller, ESTA, Monte Booker, Smino, Sango, and GoldLink just to name a few. They also discuss how the brand’s commitment to its beat tape, DIY, word of mouth roots grew a pocket sized local following into a globally recognized underground musical movement, but as Kay points out, “there’s [still] so much more work to do.”

Whether you’re a casual music fan who appreciates a deep groove, a crate-digging DJ who loves dusting off “forgotten gems,” or a connoisseur of sound who lives for sonically unique, exclusive cuts, Soulection can undoubtedly provide the necessary sounds for you. If you’re not yet privy to the unparalleled energy of the stand out collective, pour some wine, light a flame, and let your first taste be the expertly crafted 500th episode below. You can also watch label head, Joe Kay’s, interview with Zane Lowe below. Enjoy!

Soulection Radio – Episode 500

Joe Kay & Zane Lowe Interview – Celebrating 10 Years