PREMIERE | Sour & KAESE Drop Shimmering Melodic House Single “Can’t Live Without You”

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Earlier this year, Mexican artist Sour promised that we’d be hearing “a lot of diversity in terms of house sub-genre” from him. Well the dude is not disappointing, as he’s releasing his third single of 2021. On “Can’t Live Without You”, he linked with brand-new producer KAESE and the two created a striking and snappy tune. It’s out on April 30 via Swiss label Sirup Music, but we are stoked to be able to premiere it early for you here. 

This entire song is a bouncy electronic eargasm. It’s got warm chords, funky synths, and a grooving bassline that weave delicately through the velvety smooth vocals. The way these two craft the tempo to peak and soar forces you in a hypnotic and dreamy state for the duration of the whole track. 

Get your exclusive listen to “Can’t Live Without You” below, before it drops wordwide later this week. Enjoy!

Sour & KAESE – Can’t Live Without You