Listen To Space Jesus Drop Unreleased Bombs In New “Moon Dot Mix 00”

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Space Jesus is no stranger to the world of bass. The man has made a living on a gritty, slimy, experimental bass music platform, and we’ve loved every second of it.  Today, in preparation for his Moon Landing tour, SJ added to his destructively wonky library with a new mix titled, Moon Dot Mix 00.  It’s a devastating doozy to say the least, showcasing much of the talent on his new Moon Dot label. 

Stacked to the brim with the latest bass tracks and unreleased ID’s, this mix does not mess around in the slightest. Space Jesus masterfully manipulates that grimy down tempo bass sludge and gets listeners swaying, bobbing, stank-facing, and everything in between. If you’re near a chair, I recommend you sit before listening to this ridiculous masterpiece, otherwise it will leave you in a puddle on the floor.  Enjoy!

Space Jesus | Moon Dot Mix 00