Enigmatic Rapper Spark Master Tape Delivers Hard-Hitting Single “AYOCHARLIE”

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While we’ve seen our fair share of anonymous artists, Spark Master Tape is one-of-a-kind. The enigmatic rapper uses entirely pitched-down vocals capturing a dark, mysterious aesthetic on each of his releases and is back with some straight fire on "AYOCHARLIE". We actually love the rapper so much we put together a catch up guide for those who may not be familiar. 

Adult Swim has always been on top of their music and this year they stepped it up another level to launch 52 singles in 52 weeks. This latest release from Spark Master Tape is just what we wanted to hear from one of our favorite rappers.

Spark never fails to go hard on his tracks and this latest is no different as he links up with the go-to producer Paper Platoon with the hard hitting, rumbling production while Spark straight goes in on his verse and offers a surprisingly hard hook from “get yourself a motherfucking iPhone.” If you vibe with this, be sure to check out other releases as there’s no one that sounds like Spark right now. Enjoy!

Spark Master Tape – AYOCHARLIE (Prod. by Paper Platoon)


NEW VISUAL SWOUP: AYO CHARLIE (Produced by Paper Platoon) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkLz5hWAVm0

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