Spencer Brown Battles Adversity On Emotionally-Fueled House Album ‘Equanimity’

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Spencer Brown is paving the way for a new generation of progressive house and techno artists. Earlier this year, he announced his next album with his soul-warming single “Awu Wemadoda” and is now ready to unveil the project to the world. His latest album Equanimity has been released via his very own diviine imprint.

According to Spencer, the album was built on the back of a difficult period in his life, including the global pandemic, his first breakup, the death of his grandmother, publicly coming out as gay, and grappling with his out-of-control OCD. Much of Spencer’s emotion and passion is oozing throughout the album as he navigates the vast corners of melodic and progressive house music.

Much like with life, we don’t have to face difficult times on our own. For this reason, Spencer rightfully recruits a wealth of collaborators to join him on the album. Lending their talents are Qrion, Luttrell, Wilt Clayborne, ilan Bluestone, Ezequiel Arias, Late Night Shri, and P.O.S..

Here’s what Spencer Brown had to say about the project,

“In extremely difficult periods, we may not find the silver linings until time has passed. Only then can we zoom out and reflect on what the universe was trying to convey. This album represents the beautiful state of tranquility I discovered after weathering the storm when the music was written. Tying it together as one piece closed this chapter of finding strength from inside, my path to ‘Equanimity’.”

Spencer Brown will also be supporting the release of Equanimity with his most ambitious tour throughout North America. You can check out those dates here. Stream Equanimity below and enjoy!

Spencer Brown – Equanimity